Adult Prep Teaches Essential Life Skills

Adult Prep teaches essential life skills to high school students, middle schoolers and young adults facing the challenging transitions of growing up in the modern world. We offer both in-class training and one-on-one coaching that focus on life skills crucial for success in adult-life. Our holistic, personalized approach engages students and parents, providing foundational skills and peace of mind in a supportive environment driven by the belief that individual success leads to a better future for all.  

 We offer in-person life coaching for teens and young adults in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County as well as nationwide virtually.  

Signature Classes

Financial Literacy


Freedom and opportunity abound as you prepare to leave home for your next phase of life. However, debt and financial worry can often crush these hopeful feelings and add stress to what is already a stressful time of transition. The majority of young people in America are in-debt before they graduate college, and this can set them back before they even take a step forward. This series will give you a headstart from your peers, helping you lay a foundation of long-term financial security

Managing the Middle School to High School Transition


For many pre-teens, the transition from middle school to high school can be filled with anxiety and worry. Navigating the complex social rules while managing an increased workload from school and extracurricular activities can seem overwhelming. This series will prepare you for these challenges by improving your skills in decision-making, time management, life-balance and communication through personalized, hands-on learning, and interactive role-playing exercises. 

Managing the High School to College Transition


 Leaving home for the first time is both a rite of passage and one of the first big challenges of adulthood. This class equips you to be able to handle all the non-academic struggles of your transition to college. From navigating dorm life and roommates to managing time and newfound freedom, this course helps ensure that you are prepared for all the unknown-unknowns of moving away from home and creating a thriving, independent life at college.  

Adult Prep Pricing Structure

*Coaching does not qualify for health insurance coverage.

Core Coaching Pillars

Executive Functioning

Personal Growth

Time Management

Relationship Building

School/Life/Work Balance

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Family Communication


Organization and Prioritization

Building Positive Habits for the Future

Career Prep and the Art of Negotiation

Self-Reliance and Confidence Boosters