Adult Prep teaches life skills to teenagers, better preparing them to stand on their own two feet when they leave home.

Imparting the skills needed to successfully transition to adulthood, Adult Prep creates a mindset empowering young adults to thrive in their brave new world. Curricula include financial literacy, social skills, college preparation, independent living and much more.

Small class sizes and individual attention ensures our full commitment to each student in their development into accomplished adults.

Financial Literacy

This series will help lead the way for a lifetime of financial understanding and security. From knowing the value of a dollar to knowing the value of hard work, we will cover all of the basics in this 6-session series.

Independent Living

In this 6-session series, skills for everyday life give insight as to what it takes to live on your own and help make that eventual transition easier.

College Prep

Big life transitions are never easy, especially leaving home. In this 6-session series, students gain an edge to confidently make this life jump.

Other Core Classes:

Socialization – Guidance on being present, conversing and engaging to make daily interactions easier for the shy, un-engaged or digitally-consumed.

Transitioning to High School – Major changes occur during this very important time. Open communication can ease the strain on you both.

Transitioning to College – Big life transitions are never easy, especially leaving home. Gain an edge to confidently make this life jump.

Life Changes – Life throws many difficult situations at us during our formative years. Having the skills to cope will make them much easier to handle.

The Art of Negotiation – From salaries to merchants and partners, negotiating is a vital skill to self-assuredly conquer all aspects of life.

Career Prep – This series sets anyone up for an easier path to the career of their dreams with dressing for success, resumes and interviewing.

Also Available

How-to Classes
Time Management
Household Skills
Relationship Building
Dating Safety
School/Work balance
Work/Life Balance
Habits of Successful People
Organization and Prioritization
Personal Hygiene
Personal Growth
Stress-relieving Tactics