Adult Prep

Adult Prep teaches life skills to high schoolers, enabling them to be able to stand on their own two feet when they leave home. Imparting the skills needed to successfully transition to adulthood, Adult Prep creates a mindset empowering young adults to thrive in their brave new world. Curricula include financial literacy, social skills, college preparation and independent living.


From Financial Literacy to Social Skills and Independent Living, these 6-class series guide your teen through the basics of adulthood.

Special Classes

What do you need to know before leaving home? How to sew a button, basic car maintenance, cooking, laundry and more!

Private Guidance/Training

Need a little extra navigation? Need team training or onboarding for employees? In-person and online individual & team sessions available for everything adulting.

President and Chief Educator, Ruth Lamberty

Ruth Lamberty founded Adult Prep, LLC, a hands-on education company, after nearly 2 decades of marketing, communications and engagement work for various non-profit and for-profit entities. She began her career as a communications associate and rapidly progressed to the positions of Director of Marketing; and Director of Engagement and Communications, responsible for overseeing community outreach and meeting formerly unmet public needs.

Ruth has trained teens and adults in the areas of message development, media representation, public speaking, online presence and presentation skills. She also volunteers with several community organizations where she helps shape programs for team building, community building and self-focused building.

The creation of Adult Prep came after Ruth noticed an unmet need to better prepare our children to stand on their own two feet when they leave home as young adults. This enriching of lives through the hands-on teaching of life skills focuses on rapid skills development in the area of independent living.

Ruth received her B.S. from the University of Florida and has received numerous continuing education credits in related fields.