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Adult Prep is committed to enriching the lives of young people through the hands-on teaching of essential life skills. Our goal is to equip young adults with the financial, social and practical skills necessary for facing the challenging transitions of growing up in our modern world. By preparing the next generation to take on the challenges of coming adulthood, we not only set those individuals up for success but also help ensure that our future world is a better place for all. 


Our Origins

After two decades of marketing, communications and engagement work for non-profits and corporate clients, Ruth Lamberty founded Adult Prep, LLC. In her previous work, Lamberty had the opportunity to work with teens in areas such as public speaking, online presence and presentation skills. Adult Prep was founded after Lamberty noticed that many young people in her life were unequipped to handle the transitions associated with coming of age in today's world. She began to tailor her classes and coaching to the needs she realized were most acute – those of financial literacy, social skills, college prep and independent living. Today, Adult Prep teaches those skills and more through in-class training as well as one-one-one coaching. The result is a generation of young people acquiring the skills that will help ensure a more secure life ahead while supplying peace-of-mind for their parents. 



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