We offer in-person life coaching for teens and young adults in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County as well as nationwide virtually.  Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. Question? Drop us a line.

Essential Life Skills

Skills such as problem solving and communication are vital to help young adults build the confidence to fuel self-reliance and therefore independence.

Variety of Courses

Group classes include financial literacy, easing the transition to high school, and college prep to guide teens in the right direction.

Private Coaching

 Both in-person and online private and small group coaching available for customizable sessions about middle to high school transition, college prep, financial literacy and all things “adulting.” 

Did You Know?


Nearly one in six college students has either been diagnosed with or treated for anxiety,  and only 58 percent of students graduate over the course of six years.


About 1 in 5 American students fail to meet the baseline level of proficiency in financial literacy and nearly two-thirds of U.S. working adults can't pass a basic financial literacy test.


The U.S. falls 12 points short of the international average score for problem-solving and the college Common Application consistently includes a problem solving essay.